6 June 2019, Moscow

Structural biology: main problems and approaches to their solution

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Structural biology is a rapidly developing field of life sciences. It is structural studies that allow us to look into the mechanisms of individual components of a living cell - proteins, lipids, nucleic acids at the molecular and atomic level. Knowledge of the spatial structure of various cellular targets: receptors, ion channels and supramolecular complexes, as well as an understanding of the mechanisms of their interaction with ligands and biological membranes makes it possible to implement rational drug design.

«Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins for Creating New Drugs and Diagnostic Agents»

To highlight the latest achievements and newest methods in the field of structural research, IBCh RAS holds a school for young scientists “Structural biology: main problems and approaches to their solution”. The scientific program of the School includes lectures by leading scientists working in various fields of molecular biology and representing the basic structural methods.

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leading scientists in the field of structural biology

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06 June 2019, IBCH RAS, Moscow

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